The Year We Stayed at Home

The most positive thing to come out of our 2020 was seeing Leaders emerge in our offices. Lars Gruenefeld to the helm of our Greenville office and guided it and our other offices in a calm, positive, encouraging, yet accountable way. His leadership was wonderful and he was rewarded this month by being promoted to Managing Director of our four offices. In addition, our Charlotte office took a big step forward under the leadership of Kyle Kennedy, and two Advisors particularly stepped up into leadership roles there: LJ Kleger and Grant Bosworth. I never felt better about the direction of our Charlotte office and feel great about the fact that we are able to develop leaders for now and the future.
In 2021. I am looking forward to a return to normalcy. I am looking forward to having COVID subside, to being able to have lunch and dinner without being COVID-concerned, with having all of our Advisors working from the office again, and with markets calming due to these factors. I expect that by mid-2021, we will see robust results in CRE!

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