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Looking to sell commercial real estate in the Carolinas? SVN Blackstream® is your go-to brokerage. In today’s challenging market, financing commercial property can be complex. Our expertise lies in navigating these challenges, marketing properties to both local and national buyers, and ensuring the right fit for each unique property. Our full-service team will guide you through every stage, from understanding the market intricacies to showcasing your property and closing the deal.

Why Choose Us?
  • We’re in the solution and relationship business, tailoring our services to meet your specific selling goals.
  • Our market knowledge and vast network, including financing options, enable efficient and trustworthy deals.
  • Our success is reflected in repeat clients and positive referrals.
Explore various commercial real estate opportunities with SVN Blackstream®. We offer a wide range of asset classes:
  • Office buildings, from suburban campuses to urban skyscrapers.
  • Retail properties, including shopping centers and malls.
  • Industrial assets like warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
  • Multifamily residences, such as apartment complexes.
  • Special-purpose properties like hotels or healthcare facilities, each designed to meet industry-specific needs.
Industrial Properties

Industrial & Manufacturing

The Advisors specializing in Industrial Services, understand the real estate needs of clients with properties throughout the Carolinas. Whether buying, selling, or leasing properties such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial spaces, they have the expertise to close, often complicated, transactions. At SVN Blackstream®, our Industrial Services Division can help select a property and negotiate the lease or purchase including rates, length of term, improvement allowances, and other important provisions. In addition, they are well-versed on regulatory requirements, environmental considerations, and other factors that could impact the value of a property or the suitability for their client’s needs.

Self Storage Properties


Self-Storage properties are a unique and growing class of properties that require specialized knowledge and experience. At SVN Blackstream®, we have a team of advisors that can work with buyers for a needs assessment to determine such things as location, size, and specific features. Identification of properties is just part of the process that includes negotiation, familiarity with zoning regulations, permits, and approvals. For sellers, our Self Storage brokers can provide market analysis, valuation, and the insights needed to help Sellers make informed decisions with regard to their valuable asset.

Office Properties


In the Carolinas, managing the lease or sale of office space requires knowledgeable advisors who can assist clients as to location, size, layout, and specific features required for operation. Identifying available properties and negotiating improvements or allowances is part of our brokerage services. In addition, our advisors can provide guidance on zoning and regulatory requirements and help with permits and approvals. For sellers, our brokers specialize in providing market analysis and valuation services helping owners better understand current market conditions and property values. At SVN Blackstream®, our team of advisors will be a important resource providing critical marketing insights for your valuable asset.
Land and Development Properties

Land and Development

Real estate in the Carolinas continues to be in high demand with increasing interest in parcels of land that come to market. Developers are looking to place projects based on transportation infrastructure and demographics. At SVN Blackstream®, our services include advising clients in the purchase of potential development sites, conducting market research to determine the feasibility of a project, and negotiating the sale or purchase of the land. Our advisors research land use restrictions, zoning regulations, and other legal considerations that may impact the development of the property. For landowners wishing to sell their properties, we help them navigate the process from start to finish as we maximize the value of the land in the current market.


Our multifamily real estate services bring comprehensive solutions to clients who are looking to buy or sell multifamily properties throughout the Carolinas. At SVN Blackstream®, we guide our clients in the acquisition, development, financing, and sale of residential properties with multiple units, such as apartments, condos, townhomes, and mixed-use buildings.


At SVN Blackstream®, our retail services division controls the management, acquisition, development, financing, and sale of commercial properties that are primarily used for retail purposes, such as shopping centers, malls, outparcels, and mixed-use buildings. We are a brokerage firm active in property management, asset management, and development.


At SVN Blackstream®, we specialize in the hospitality and hotel asset class, providing comprehensive services that cater to the unique needs of hotel and resort owners, operators, and investors. We leverages extensive market knowledge and industry insights to offer tailored solutions, including property acquisitions and dispositions, strategic consulting, market analysis, and financing options. We understand the intricacies of the hospitality and hotel industry and are committed to maximizing the value and performance of your assets through innovative strategies and personalized service. 


At SVN Blackstream®, we offer commercial restaurant space brokerage services that include guiding our clients in the purchase, sale, or lease of restaurant space. We have Advisors who specialize in the retail and restaurant industry in a variety of space locations throughout the Carolinas. We also work with entrepreneurs and restaurant owners who are looking for suitable space to expand their business.

Medical Offices

Medical Office

The need for healthcare facilities continues to grow in the Carolinas. With some of the biggest names in medical and pharmaceutical care expanding into this area, the need for buying, selling, and leasing medical facilities grows with it. At SVN Blackstream®, our advisors know the importance of planning for strategic growth. They can identify properties that are suitable for lease or purchase and negotiate terms that work for a variety of medical office needs.

Leasing Landlord Representation

Our commitment to representing landlords in the leasing process includes working to secure high-quality tenants for your properties. At SVN Blackstream®, we provide financial analysis and strategic planning to help you make informed decisions about pricing, marketing, rent increases, leasing terms, lease renewals, and incentives.

Leasing Tenant Representation

Meeting the needs of owners and investors with properties that require leasing management is only part of the services available at SVN Blackstream®. Our advisors work with commercial, industrial, and retail tenants to help them find and secure the best possible space for their business. Our ongoing support includes assistance with lease renewals, expansions, and terminations. We help tenants maximize their leasing investment by securing the best terms and conditions for their business.

Portfolio Management

At SVN Blackstream®, our Corporate Real Estate Services offer wide ranging expertise for investors or corporations needing to manage a portfolio of properties. Whether managing the acquisition, disposition, leasing, or property management of the properties in the portfolio, we have the talent you need to optimize your investments. Our expertise in a variety of asset classes allows us to work with properties of every size and type providing valuable insight so owners can make strategic decisions.

Distressed Assets

The purchase or sale of distressed properties requires expertise in the various stages of financial distress including foreclosure, bankruptcy, or short sale. At SVN Blackstream®, our advisors provide ongoing support and advice throughout the complex process of buying or selling a property. To maximize the value of your distressed property, or to purchase a property that may be in legal jurisdiction, contact an advisor at SVN Blackstream®, Our distressed assets brokerage services will help you navigate the many obstacles that sometimes arise during transactions of these properties.


AT SVN Blackstream®, we manage the process of preparing properties for auction on behalf of our clients. For properties that are difficult to sell, our auction services can be a real benefit to those facing foreclosure or those with a distressed property or estate sale property. We help determine the best format for your auction (live or online) as well as connecting you to appraisers and other professionals to determine the value of the property you own. For the best guidance and support, call an SVN Blackstream® advisor to learn more about our Auction Services.

Sale Leasebacks

Our Sale Leaseback Services help clients monetize their real estate assets by selling the property and then leasing it back from the new owners. Our advisors know that this is an excellent way for clients to receive cash from the sale while retaining the use of the property. At SVN Blackstream®, our advisors will work with you to design a sale and leaseback deal that meets your needs. We know that this process can provide a valuable source of liquidity for you while also providing the buyer with a predictable income stream fom the leased property. If you are looking for a sale and leaseback situation, please contact an SVN Blackstream® advisor.

Single Family Residential Development

Whether working with local area developers or developers new to this market, SVN Blackstream® advisors work closely with stakeholders in the planning, design, and construction of residential developments. Advisors can provide information on financing, risk management, investment analysis, and ongoing project management. Focused on maximizing the value of each project and meeting market needs, our advisors advise on all aspects of the development process.

Whether you’re selling office buildings, retail spaces, or any other commercial property, SVN Blackstream® has the expertise to make it a success. Let us market your property effectively and help you achieve your real estate goals.

Questions about the dynamic market or your property’s value? Email Stephen Ahnrud, Broker in Charge for SVN Blackstream® at [email protected]. We’re here to help you make informed decisions.

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