Greenwood is expecting the largest housing development it has seen in the past decade

Greenwood, SC – An estimated 188 homes will be built in Greenwood, SC to accommodate the growing number of jobs in the area. The 77-acre property off of Cokesbury Road was recently closed by SVN | Blackstream Senior Advisor Loudon Brooks. The developer Mark III Properties plans to add housing developments with the builder DR Horton and start construction within the coming year. The well-known developer and builder are dedicated to bringing quality housing to Greenwood, and are expecting to build homes priced at over $300k each within the housing development.

The growing number of jobs in the area brought in by large companies such as Eaton Corporation and Colgate Palmolive Company has raised the demand for more housing. As of August 2021, an estimated 28.7% of employees who work in Greenwood County are also residents. This in turn has been increasing the number of commuters who are unable to find places to live closer to their workplace. The goal for this new housing community is to alleviate these issues as well as help Greenwood residents and businesses thrive.

SVN | Blackstream is one of the fastest growing commercial real estate firms in the Upstate. Having excelled in the local commercial sector, Blackstream affiliated with SVN in 2014 joining an exclusive global network. SVN | Blackstream now operates franchises in Greenville, Columbia, Charlotte and Charleston with over 40 Advisors.


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