I am a real estate developer. It is what I have spent most of my life doing and it is my best skill. I have developed over a hundred projects all over the US and Puerto Rico and have faced lots of challenges in the business over the past thirty years.

I also like spending time with (most) other real estate developers. We are a unique breed. We drive past something that we don’t own, don’t know who does, aren’t sure of most details, and eventually turn it into a living, breathing entity that creates lots of jobs, and provides housing for either humans, enterprises or commerce. I have always felt good that what I do adds to the economy and to our country’s growth.
As strange as this year has been, there are outstanding opportunities for developers to transform the landscape, create jobs, add to tax coffers and build the economy. I see them since I am immersed in this world. You can too. You don’t need to be a developer to be part of it. You can be a broker, a lender, an architect, an engineer. In fact, it’s one of the things that I love about development is that so many people can rightfully claim it as “their project” because so many people contribute to it’s success. #Greenvillecommercialrealestate #Carolinadevelopment #Greenvilletopdevelopers

– Alex Dmyterko